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Claudia Grangeiro
da Silva Castro

Architect and Urbanist

Consultant in Cultural Landscape Design

 +5521 99226 7110

Academic background:

Graduate Student in Urbanism, PROURB - Graduate Program in Urbanism, FAU/UFRJ - School of Architecture and Urbanism of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 2020-2021 ; Graduate Studies in the Management of Urban Design, IHS Institute for Housing and Urban Studies,1998; and in the History of Art and Architecture, CCE/PUC-Rio  Pontificial Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro, 1992; Architect and Urbanist, FAU/UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro,1984.

Professional experience:

Architect and Urbanist in the Management and Development of Urban Design, Municipality of Rio de Janeiro, 1990 onwards, having worked mostly in Touristic Areas (such as Copacabana-Posto 6, Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Botafogo and in the Flamengo Park); Manager of Urban Furniture and Urban Landscape, Pereira Passos Municipal Institute - IPP, Rio de Janeiro, 1995 -2012; 

Other positions:

Member, Managing Committe of the Carioca Urban Cultural Landscape, Rio de Janeiro, 2012; Member, Committe of Waterfront of Beaches and of the Waterfront Committee of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon, Rio de Janeiro, 2009-2012; Speaker, national and international events (such as the II ICOUL Barcelona, Spain, 2017, GoldOlympics London-Rio-Tokio,  London, 2017; Firjan House, 2019); Member of the Team Responsible for the Preparation of the City for the Olympic and Paralimpic Games, Rio 2016, Olympic Municipal Company - EOM, Rio de Janeiro, 2012-2016.


Design for various Cultural Landscape Projects in Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brasil

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