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Marta Adriana Bustos Romero

Diretora Estadual, Distrito Federal, Brasil /
State Director, Distrito Federal, Brazil


Academic background:

Full professor, School of Architecture and urbanism of the University of Brasilia, DF, Brazil; Post-doctorate in Landscape Architecture at PSU - Portland State University, Portland, USA, 2001; Ph.D. in Arquitetura, ETSAB -  Polytechnic University of Catalonia, Barcelona, Spain,1993; Master in Urban Planning, UnB - University of Brasilia, 1985; Specialization in Architecture at the School of Engineering, University of Sao Paulo, Sao Carlos Campus, SP, Brazil, 1980; Architect and Urbanist, University of Chile and PUC-CAMP Pontificial Catholic University of Campinas, SP, Brazil, 1978.


Professional experience:

Private Practice and Consultant, São Carlos and Brasilia, from 1985 onwards.  

Other positions:

Research Coordinator, Blood Coordinator, Brazilian Health Ministry, for the environmental rehabilitation of buildings for the 'Hemonetwork of Brazil (DF, CE, RJ, RS, SP, AM, PA); Coordinator for the development of the Urban Design Master Plans for the Gama and Ceilandia Campi of UnB - University of Brasilia; leader of the Research Group of CNPq: Sustainability in Architecture and Urbanism, Brasilia; Main Researcher at LaSUS - Laboratory of Sustainability applied to Architecture and Urbanism, FAU/UnB, 2007 onwards; Brazilian Coordinator of the Bilateral Cooperation Consortium USA/Brazil - USBUFC, Capes/Fipse, Brasilia, 2002-2006 and 2008-2012; Coordinator of the Distance Education Specialization Course, Sensu Lato 'Rehabilitates - Sustainable Environmental Rehabilitiation in Architecture and Urbanism', 2013 onwards.


Marta Romero, UnB Ceilândia, Brasília (Vista aérea)

Marta Romero, UnB Ceilândia, Brasilia (aerial view).

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