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Julio Enrique Putallaz

Architect and Urbanist

International Director, Argentina

Academic background:

Scholarship Holder, Graduation in Social Management, INDES / BID - Institute of Economic and Social Development / Inter-American Development Bank, Washington, USA, 2006; Specialist in University Education, School of Humanities, UNNE, 2005; Master of environmental and Ecological Management, School of Architecture and Urbanism, UNNE, 2003; Architect and Urbanist, School of Architecture and Urbanism, UNNE, Resistencia, Chaco, Argentina, 1986.

Professional experience:

Executive Coordinator, Program 'INCLUSIVE UNNE', Chaco and Corrientes, 2015 onwards; Academic Dean, School of Architecture and Urbanism, UNNE, Resistencia, Chaco, 2008-2012; Executive Director of Internal Development, UNNE, Chaco e Corrientes, 2002-2008; Professor Researcher, National Northeastern University, Corrientes and Resistência, Chaco, Argentina, 1986 onwards; Consultant of public agencies and private organizations, Corrientes, 2012 onwards.

Other positions:

Executive Coordinator of the Inter-university network for the Disabled - National Inter-university Council, Buenos Aires City, Argentina, 2017-2019; Director of the Technological Linkage Unit - UVT, UNNE, Chaco and Corrientes, 2005 - 2008; Co-director of the Technological-based Start-up Incubator, UNNE - UNNETEC Innovate, Chaco and Corrientes, 2005; Graduate Professor and Evaluator, Universities of Buenos Aires, Palermo and National Northeastern, Argentina, 2019 onwards.

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Proposal for the urban requalification of the central area of Corrientes - Smart Human City, Argentina.

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